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Forum Rules --- Read before posting!!

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:42 pm    Post subject: Forum Rules --- Read before posting!! Reply with quote

  • 1. Preface

    The Antonius Bayle Community Centre is an internet Bulletin Board dedicated to the Antonius Bayle server of the Massive Multiplayer Online Game Everquest. It’s purpose is to create a communication platform for those interested in the topics related to Everquest, the Antonius Bayle server and/or it’s player base. Active players, retired ones and newcomers to Everquest from across all servers are welcome to participate in the discussions.
    Being an international community, we encourage the use of any language in our forums, however English should be the prefered language, as it is most widely spoken. All replies to a thread should be kept in the language the thread was started in, as to not exclude in the middle of the discussion.
    In order to maintain a healthy community environment certain rules must be laid forth by the board staff and each forum user is expected to follow them.

  • 2. Registration
    Most forums are available to guest users, meaning that they are able to read the messages posted by other community members. However, posting to the boards, getting access to special areas and using certain board functions requires a registration with a valid email address.

    • 2.1 Choosing your username
      Upon registration users need to choose a unique username. This username should (if applicable) reflect the name of the main (most actively played) in-game character. If you can’t find a username that effectively reflects your main character, your main character has changed since registration, or you don’t have a main character because you are new to Everquest, your board signature must be updated to reflect your main and/or other background. Failing to provide that information is considered “anonymous trolling” and is not permitted.

      • 2.1.1 Name changes
        Once you chose your account name you cannot change it. The only way to get a new username is to create a new account. Note: We do not encourage you to have multiple accounts. If you wish to switch accounts you should inform the board staff so that they may delete your old account.
      • 2.1.2 Impersonating
        Attempting to impersonate another community member is not tolerated and will result in immediate termination of the account. If you should find that someone else is impersonating you, please get in contact with the board staff immediately.

    • 2.2 Signature
      Signatures are optional text and/or images that can be displayed under your post. Signatures should be used to provide additional information about your in-game character. They can be added/edited in the “User CP”.
      » You may not use oversized or excessively large text in your signature.
      » Pictures must remain within the dimensions of 550 x 220 pixels (width x height) and may not be larger than 75 kb
      » Those restrictions are necessary in order for the forum to display correctly at lower resolutions and to accommodate users with non-broadband connections.
    • 2.3 Avatars
      Avatars are small images that appear next to your post along with your username. They can be added/edited in the “User CP”.
      » Avatars may not exceed the dimensions of 102 x 116 pixels (width x height) and may not be larger than 15 kb.

  • 3. Correct Forum usage
    To avoid unnecessary grief and misunderstandings, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    • 3.1 Posting in the correct forum
      The bulletin board is separated into different forums, each with different topics/themes. When starting a new thread it is important that you post in the correct forum and keep your replies related to the topic/forum.
    • 3.2 No Hijacking
      Purposely and/or continuously derailing a thread or topic is annoying at best and usually frowned upon by those that participate in that discussion. Much as in real life, hijacking is not permitted.
    • 3.3 No Bumping
      Before replying to a thread, check the date of the first and last post. If no one responded to it for more than a couple of weeks, chances are that we are done with it. “Bumping” it back up won’t do any good and is therefore not permitted. This apply especially to threads that aren’t on the front page of each forum.
      Additionally, a "No Bumping" policy will be enforced in the "Guildlistings and Recruitment" forum. Bumping threads in this forum is strictly prohibited. Replies to post in this forum are only allowed as long as they add vital information to the recruitement post, such as changed level requirements for applicants. Guild achievements should be posted in the "Halls of Honor (Raves" instead of the recruitement posts.
    • 3.4 Unacceptable Content
      All forums - with the exception of “Nearly Anything Goes” and “Other Rants-n-Flames” - should be kept PG-13 / “work safe”. That does not mean however, that you may post (or link) anything in those two forums. Content restrictions (see below) do still apply.

      • 3.4.1 Illegal, pornographic or otherwise harmful or malicious content.
        You may not post, link to or facilitate the website to transfer
        » Illegal content including but not limited to the unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software, images or other data
        » Harmful/malicious code such as trojans, viruses, browser exploits that cause lock-ups / undesired behaviour etc.
        » Content of pornographic, overtly sexual or graphically violent
        » Other content that may be harmful/malicious to the site or of tasteless or otherwise inappropriate character.
        Common sense is the best guide as to what is acceptable, but if in doubt, please refer to the board staff before posting.
      • 3.4.2 Private content
        Posting private content, such as but not limited to real life addresses, phone numbers, pictures or material from private message boards (such as guild internal boards) without permission is prohibit and will be removed immediately.
      • 3.4.3 Spam
        Spamming is not permitted in any shape or form. This also includes excessive “post farming”.
      • 3.4.4 Advertisement
        You may not advertise for any commerical product or service without the permission of the board staff.
      • 3.4.5 Everquest EULA violations
        You may not use the website for any activity that violates the Everquest End User License Agreement. This especially includes sale or purchase of Everquest characters, items, coins or services for real money as well as linking to sites that offer such services.

    • 3.5 Reporting Unacceptable content
      If you should find posts containing unacceptable content you should report it to an Administrator immediately by clicking on the [ ! ] symbol at the lower right corner of the post box. This will send an email to the entire board staff and will ensure fast processing. NOTE: This feature is currently not available. In the meantime please send a PM to any of the Administrators or send an email to 'staff at antonius-bayle dot org' to report any inappropriate posts.

  • 4. Moderator / Admin Authority and Decisions
    The board staff consists of Administrators and/or Moderators.
    Moderators can moderate (edit / move / delete) posts and threads in some or all forums.
    Administrators can moderate posts and threads in all forums as well as perform administration duties such as suspending/banning users, modifying access rights, adding/changing website content etc.
    The Site Host may appoint and dismiss staff at any time.

    • 4.1 Current Moderators / Administrators
      The current staff consists off:
      » Girwen Stormcaller – Administrator
      » Guzman – Moderator (Forum: Guildlist and Recruitement)
      » Kentaro - Administrator\r\n
      » Lorkast – Administrator / Site Host
    • 4.2 Staff Authority
      The board staff has the responsibility to moderate the forums within the spirit of the board rules. They may move, edit, close or delete any post or thread for any or no reason in order to preserve the integrity of the board and may suspend or ban any user.
      Suspensions may last for up to 3 weeks, while bans are permanent and must be decided on the administrators unanimously.
      Staff decisions are final and won’t be discussed in public. If you have a concern feel free to discuss it with a staff member through PM / email. Do not create a new thread for the purpose of challenging a staff decision as it will be locked and/or deleted and will not be responded to.<br>\r\n This also applies to “flames” towards staff members that challenge their ability to moderator adequately.

  • 5. Feedback, Suggestions, Content Additions
    We are always open for fresh ideas, constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve the website. An email to 'staff <i>at</i> antonius-bayle <i>dot</i> org' is all it takes to get in touch with us.

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